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Assalamualaikum W.B.T.

Hello guys =)

Thank you so much for dropping by [at my simple blog]

#Prologue [Just a short begin]
Put aside my followers number ya, I know its only 17! as its not affect me much. There is nothing extraordinary in my blog as I only share about my daily life and whatever around me. Its just personal blog. Owh ya, I don't have twitter account or formspring account or whatever social account except my facebook account and this blog account. Am I too lazy or not show off person? Its depend on you dear. For me, both FB and Blogspot accounts are enough for me =)

Blogging is fun. Its an alternative to express and reflect yourself. Your story can be a moral story to the others. Ya, sharing is caring right? I do blogging just to share what goes around me. Its like my daily diary. Shortly, personal blog. No hard feeling okay dear =) *If you dislike my blog, you may leave.

#My blog and I is my blog URL. While dEeP fRoM mY hEaRt is my blog title. I did several changes for my blog and now as you can see how simple and suck it is. Yeah, I want my blog appear as simple as nothing. I write whatever I want and can to share with others especially my dear and closed friends. I make this blog personal or in other word some kind of my daily diary. About 70% of my content is emotional. Ngeh~ Hey, if you realize there is no archive [I mean list of past posts] in my blog side bar. Also, no chatbox install in here. I just want make mine simple. Again, its depend on you to customize your blog =) Whatever advertisement for example Nuffnang, Innity or others is not install too. Ya, its good if you can make money via your blog but in my case, no profit I can gain as mine is just personal blog and my traffic is not high.

I want to make some changes for my blog. Perhaps I can apply simple and very simple template. I do love simple but unique thing =) Or I can change my writing style? Haha.. My writing is so emotional and euw, euw... Hey, its so WTH and WTF is going on with me? Erk, whatever! I hope I can make some refreshment towards my blog. *Hardwork*

#Thank you [so much for supporting me]
For those who following my blog, THANK YOU! I really appreciate your job =) For those who read mine, THANK YOU! although you are just silent reader. THANK YOU for supporting me whoever you are =)

  lots of love :: I write what I want. Blog is just another alternative to express yourself.


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