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Behind the number 20th!!

Hi guys, I’m 20 :D So here’s 20 random things about me:

  1. I don’t eat chocolates or vegetables much.
  2. I don’t like sing on public :D
  3. I’d rather sing the harmony than the melody of a song
  4. I'd rather study near than far away from my house
  5. I hate talking on the phone when messing time.
  6. I hate taking bus.
  7. I can survive without eating breakfast or lunch.
  8. I don’t really like the colour peach.
  9. I’d rather hang out with family than friends.
  10. I hate wait a long time.
  11. I’ve been spent more time on lappy than my boyfie.
  12. I love all my family and my partner and my bestfriend forever(Faiedz)
  13. I still can’t speak better in English.
  14. I’m not athletic.
  15. I dont really hackers,stalkers and busy body person .
  16. My handwriting is really small. (If I write bigger it gets uglier.)
  17. I don’t like horror movies.
  18. I use too many emoticons when I text, especially “=P”
  19. I’m shy and I hate it.
  20. I’m attracted to a person’s smile.
::copypasteandchangeitonly:: am I care??haha


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