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~Rahsia disebalik bilangan kuntuman Bunga Ros~

sllunya an kte slalu tngok kalo llaki ni bg bnge kt gurl..
ase romantik je an..
tp ak lom dpt ag la.
klo dpt t layu lak bunge 2..:lol:
tp perasaan terima bunge dri sum1 2 mmg ssh nk dilupakan an..
even ak xpnh ak taw cmne prasaan gurl yg pnh dpt..
tp an korang nk taw x ad rahsia di sebalik bilangan kuntuman bnge ros yg kte dpt 2..
kalo korang nk taw pe die..
korang lihatla kt bwh nie..

1 Rose
Exceptional love all concentrated on you.

2 Roses
Two of us deeply in love.

3 Roses
I love you.

6 Roses
I want to be yours.

9 Roses
Love each other eternally.

11 Roses
You are the one I love most in my life.

12 Roses
Satisfactory union and mutual affinity.

13 Roses
Secret admirer.

24 Roses
Remember fondly every moment
(24 hours cannot forget you).

33 Roses
Saying “I love you” with PROFOUND LOVE.

36 Roses
Feeling romantic attachment because you come to me.

44 Roses
Constant unchangeable pledge.

50 Roses
This is “Regretless Love”.

56 Roses
My love.

66 Roses
Successful love affair.

99 Roses
Love with understanding makes love eternal.

100 Roses
Harmonious union in a century, remain a devoted couple ’till ripe-old age.

101 Roses
No other love but you.

108 Roses
Please marry me!

111 Roses
Eternal love.

123 Roses
Free love.

144 Roses
Loving you day and night eternally.

365 Roses
Thinking of you everyday,love u everyday.

999 Roses

Everlasting and eternal love.

1001 Roses
Faithful love, ’till forever


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